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Terms and confusion - Patashop™
Patashop™ is an online webstore with a non-profit purpose. If by dreadfull mistake you find yourself sending a cheque to the head office of the compagny, let us assure you that Patashop, its manageress and its team are commited not to bank it.

Patashop website is managed by its Manageress.
Very limited company with a capital of 0,00€
(stockholders, please keep away)

The head office is located in Pataville, France.
For any claming, recommandations or suggestions, please reach us at or through the contact form at the page 'contact'.
The present terms can be modify at any time, and you can't do nothing about it.
For the moment be sure that we'll defend yor personal informations at the cost of our lives.

Following the Act No. 82.2, unanimously adopted by Patashop's manageress, all the goods on sale on can't be sold.

Patashop can not be held liable for too well drawn illustrations.

Patashop's manageress owns the copyright and rights on every goods, logos, illustrations, videos etc on display ont he website.
But of course you can use and share them if you mention the origin, like your meat.

Have a good shopping time,
Patashop team